Networking Pro-Tip from ChatGPT

Can AI improve how we network? Let's find out.

Networking Pro-Tip from ChatGPT

This post started when I asked ChatGPT to summarize my book. Perhaps I was procrastinating on my to-do list, but then again, maybe I was just curious.

In any event, here’s what it said:

"Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World" by J. Kelly Hoey is a book that provides practical advice and strategies for networking and building meaningful connections in today's digital age.

Hoey emphasizes the importance of networking and building relationships, stating that success in any field is often dependent on the quality of our connections. She guides readers through the process of identifying and nurturing their networks, both online and offline.

The book begins by debunking common networking myths and addressing common fears and obstacles people face when it comes to networking. Hoey encourages readers to embrace networking as a long-term investment in themselves and their careers.

Hoey offers practical tips on how to leverage social media platforms and online communities to expand one's network and make meaningful connections. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and providing value to others when networking online.

The book also delves into strategies for networking offline, such as attending events, conferences, and industry gatherings. Hoey provides advice on how to make a memorable impression, start conversations, and follow up effectively.

Throughout the book, Hoey shares personal anecdotes and stories from her own networking experiences, as well as examples from successful professionals who have effectively built their networks.

Overall, "Build Your Dream Network" is a comprehensive guide that encourages readers to embrace networking as a vital skill in today's hyper-connected world. It offers practical advice and strategies for building and maintaining meaningful relationships that can ultimately lead to personal and professional success.

Does that summary convince you to read my book?

IMHO the summary feels accurate, yet stale, a “give-it-a-read-but-not-expecting-much” from this book shrug - which frankly, is NOT the reaction I hear about from #BYDN readers, but I digress.

Back to ChatGPT.

The summary would be a good starting point - if I needed to send someone a fresh summary (and not simply the blurb one can find on the back cover) - and a starting point, from which I’d edit and well, humanize the description, to add a little emotion and oomph.

This was a fun little exercise, so yes, I’ll continue from time to time, to explore how ChatGPT can be a tool to improve how we network and connect….

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