Networking Pro-Tip: Network Expectations

On expectations of a women’s network.

Networking Pro-Tip: Network Expectations

Another Chief headline (Is Empowering Corporate Women Enough?) and another thought or three from yours truly, on engagement within professional networking groups (and personal expectations and/or disappointments thereof):

  • Just because you can join, doesn’t mean you should. A niche group may not be the right fit, even when you are the target niche.
  • Check the fine print. A networking group is not there to fill your every need.
  • On membership fees…you are the best investor in your career. Each personal investment decision is different, so decide what price point is right for you.

One final thought…why are women’s networking groups expected to monolithic - as in, women thinking / caring about / acting upon the same damn thing(s)? The voting patterns of women make it pretty f’g obvious that we are not a monolithic group. And I’m damn sure men’s networking groups aren’t held to the same standard.

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