Networking Pro Tip: Pitching Podcasts

On pitching podcast hosts.

Networking Pro Tip: Pitching Podcasts

On pitching podcast hosts.

Massive big f’g sigh on this pro tip, as IMHO this is potential podcast guest networking 101. Here are the ABC’s + a big email D on this one.

A. Listen to a least one podcast episode (or at the very least, a couple of minutes of a single episode).

B. Scan all of the episodes to understand the frequency of recordings.

C. If you’ve completed item A and THEN determined as per item B, that the podcast host is actively recording and releasing new episodes…ask yourself this question (which is grounded in networking generosity) - “how do I add value to the content the host is creating?”. Spend some time pondering this question (when I say spend some time, I mean SPEND SOME F”G TIME), before firing off a generic “look at me, I did something, I can talk about any variety of sh#t therefore I should be a guest on your podcast” email - because, if you want to make a strong networking first impression, your email should be customized, reflective of your understanding of the podcast and the host and their content, as quite frankly, it is their f’g podcast they are recording, after all.

D. Whatever you do, do not as in DO NOT EVER send emails like this (or pay someone to send emails like this on your behalf):

Hi Kelly,

I hope this message finds you well! We have a client who would be a fantastic fit for the Build Your Dream Network podcast and we would love to chat about potential topics that they would be a compelling speaker for.

V is the Founder and CEO of [insert name of company here]: the only ….. products on the market today. After becoming a mother, V was shocked…Determined to close that gap, she founded [insert name of company here] and [detail founder’s heroic journey and accomplishments here].

Topics V Could Speak About:

  • Her Experience as a Serial Entrepreneur
  • Taking Her Experience from [Ivy League School] to entrepreneur
  • Why She Started [insert name of company here]
  • Managing a High Growth Business
  • Gardening + Wellness
  • Balancing Being a Mom + CEO
  • DTC vs Retail Strategies
  • Why It's Important to Help Other Women in Business

I've also attached V's bio for additional information about her background. Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions!

All the best,


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