Is It OK To...Reach out

Reach out to someone you have not met, but are part of the same membership group.

Is It OK To...Reach out

Ok, Kelly

What's the correct etiquette for random LI outreaches from people I've not met or connected with but who are part of a larger group to which I belong (i.e. Chief)? Is there a best practice or rule of thumb?

- Polite Polly

Ok Polly,

As the recipient of the outreach you’re describing, my strong guidance is that simple, direct requests to connect are the way to go, as simple as ‘Hi ______, we’re both members of _______ and I’m also a [if this other person is in the same line of work or whatever as you]. I’d love to connect to learn more about your [career / business / whatever]’ or ‘Hi _______, we’re both members of _____ and I’m interested in making direct connections with other members who are __________ [state your desired reason here]. Any chance we can schedule time to connect at ________”.

Two or three lines of genuine get-to-the-point connection. No need to drone on as to the why of your outreach and! and! and! start your outreach with the common bond (the membership group) as that immediately makes you, a stranger, a little less strange.

Ok, hope that’s clear as that’s all I’ve got on this one.


p.s. What’s your Is It OK to….question?

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