Is It Ok To...Leap Into LinkedIn DMs?

And is it ok to not respond to a request sent via DM from someone you've met once.

Is It Ok To...Leap Into LinkedIn DMs?

Ok Kelly -

The following message arrived in my LinkedIn messages:

"Hi, hope all is well with you & yours! Kindly circulate this to your “sphere of influence” of female founders/ investors in the metro NY area, thanks! 🤗🤞🏽"

I met this person once, at a conference. Other than connecting on LinkedIn after the conference, we've not talked. Then this DM arrived.

Thoughts? I don't want to be rude, but I'm not inclined to reach out either.


DM Distress

Dear DMD,

You're in a quandary I completely understand. And the person who has placed you there via their message, is the one who has committed the networking wrong.

Is it impolite to charge up with a request (along with the brash assumption that someone with act upon it), when the ask has been set up so poorly? Yes. Unequivocally, yes.

Their self-centered-interest is in full, vibrant Time Square bright blinking billboard display, devoid of any consideration as to whether your "sphere of influence" (aka connections) would be in the least bit interested in whatever the sender wanted to share.

Not doing anything is this scenario is not rude. It's rather normal.

My recommendation. Keep a mental note of it, so you don't ever commit the same networking error. And don't worry about what the sender thinks, as they clearly don't really give a damn about you.



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