From My Inbox: No Stopping Anytime

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From My Inbox: No Stopping Anytime

No Stopping Anytime are ubiquitous in New York City.

And Sunday morning I paid attention to them, as I walked home from a group Reiki class...perhaps I'm still amused at how my mind doesn't f'g stop (in spite of soothing music, a sound bath of singing bowls, the calm, instructive voice of the incredible Reiki instructor, it's a 70's dance party in my pinball machine head, bouncing from 8th grade science class (seriously!) to a friend's wedding in September to I want to curl up in a ball but I've been told to not cross my limbs to who can focus on their breath with all that is going on in their head????), and the physical manifestation of that amusement is the small, red commandment: No Stopping Anytime. Good luck.

And...No Stopping Anytime...I've internalized this commandment...the regularity of posting and sending out a newsletter (the chorus line of social media gurus can-canning the imperative to post 3x a day echoing in my head), time-blocking the week every week in order to get "it" done to the teenie tightening pang of defensiveness when asked "what did you do this weekend?" (what! are you implying reiki, laundry and binging every season of The Bear isn't a good use of my time???).

No. Stopping. Anytime.

It's the insidious sign we've internalized ourselves to follow, rather than to pause, stop, question and challenge.

With that, some random 💩 from my inbox:

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