From My Inbox: Podcasts

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Podcasts

You’ve likely figured it out…I listen to podcasts. I also keenly listen to the ads on podcasts - not because I’m hoping for a service discount or need a dog bed, rather, I’m fascinated by the disconnect between the podcast content and the ads. A brain-focused podcast recommending a sugar and 100% artificial flavor confectionary? Odd. And fascinating (though perhaps not surprising) how an industry with a narrow revenue model (sponsored ads!), can cause even the strongest creators to veer via disjointed brand identity choices.

Now, to the good 💩 from my inbox:

  • How Jack Rahaim Teaches Entrepreneurship to The Incarcerated (Marketing, Mindfulness, and Martinis)
  • The Truth About Honesty (Hidden Brain podcast) - and yes, the truth may surprise you.
  • Student journalist exposes creepy clown professor; Rudy Guiliani loses Ruby Freeman defamation lawsuit; Mastercard versus sex workers; Lawmakers keep trying to bubble wrap the internet; Milani makeup gets dragged on Women’s Equality Day – NEWS ROUND (There Are No Girls On The Internet)
  • Wilder - this podcast is for you, if you, like me, were wildly obsessed with the Little House On The Prairie books.
  • Since we don’t have wings we fly kites’ – aerial combat above Rio’s favelas (Aeon)
  • Why a stranger's hello can do more than just brighten your day (NPR)

"Our core sense of good and bad does not come from above. It is neither transcendent nor divine. Rather, it is inherent in our mammalian upbringing."

  • October 4, join Collective[i] for a conversation with Geoffrey Moore, Author, Speaker, Advisor, & Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners.
  • The Hard Parts of Meaningful Work: When to Keep Pushing and When to Pivot. (Sparked)
  • 5 Mistakes People Make When They Want To Write And Publish a Book (Luvvie)
  • What Mary McKenna dreams about in the future – an interview with “Europe’s Female Angel Investor of the year 2023“ (BAND)

ICYMI - my networking pro-tip on the importance of how you treat people when they choose to leave.

+ of course, I couldn’t resist adding one more podcast to your listening list (Leaving Well).

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