From My Inbox: Sorry

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From My Inbox: Sorry

I’m Canadian. Canada, a country known for hockey, healthcare, peacekeeping, poutine, pineapple pizza and apologizing. Saying sorry is engrained in my true north strong & free DNA - so imagine the shock to the core of my 57 year-old being when I spotted the headline Want Power? Stop Saying ‘Sorry’ So Much. (WSJ).

Sorry, I want to be considerate AND not deplete my power.

3 Takeaways from the article:

  1. Remember it is not your responsibility to apologize for things out of your control
  2. Be aware of how others respond when you use words of contrition
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of a kind word

While I’m on the topic of Canada, read Buffy Sainte-Marie: ‘I didn’t know I was ahead of the pack at the time’ (Guardian) and listen The indigenous singer-songwriter who was ahead of her time (BBC Outlook).

From my inbox:

  • April 13 The Female Quotient gathers for Women and Wealth: Moving Forward on Financial Inclusion for US Women. Join them for a virtual conversation around women and wealth.

The next Mint Hill (that’s near Charlotte, folks!) Women’s Networking Breakfast

is Thursday, April 20th, 8:30am-10am Mint Hill Chamber Office.

Now more reads…and listens from my inbox:

😳 Careful with the good intentions you’re pouring into programmatic efforts to advance women at work. A study published in the Journal Management Science suggests that key aspects of sponsorship actually benefit men more than women…more specifically, sponsorship may serve to boost the confidence of low-ability men. (HBR)

“The workplace is still designed for people where work is the number-one priority all the time”

🧐 Can You Get Ahead and Still Have a Life? Younger Women Are Trying to Find Out (WSJ)

😵 Aging, if you’re lucky you will experience every wrinkle, ache and injustice that comes with getting older…and frankly, it’s time to shift attitudes towards this inevitable human condition. Old Not Other (Aeon)

😬 More Proof That Money Can Buy Happiness (or a Life with Less Stress) (HBR)

😴 How’s your sleep hygiene? How to sleep well again (Psyche)

🤩 Nab 5 key insights in this book bite from The Power Of Wonder (The Next Big Idea Club)

🤠 From the Voice Is podcast STYLE with Elsa Isaac: Chucking fashion "rules", wearing transformation, and the power of matching your insides to your outsides

“…while women are exhausted and disappointed, they have not given up. They have simply given up on the illusion of external support.”

🙃 The State of Women Report (The Skimm)

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