From My Inbox: Distractions

Random interesting & useful đź’© pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Distractions

Mosquitos, a town with no tech, how the Victorians mapped England, little white lies plus summer escapes, excursions and perhaps other amusing reading for you, from my inbox this week.

Summertime and the living is mosquito buzzing, bug spray slapping. If you’re feeling the (bug) bite more frequently, you’re not alone. "Mosquito days" are getting more common nearly nationwide (Axios)

Roadtrip! At least for those of us based to NYC. A suggested summer day-trip is to head to Baltimore to view posen x posen x posen (an exhibition bringing together the artistic endeavors of the Posen family—Stephen Posen, Alexandra Posen, and Zac Posen) at The Peale Museum (on exhibit until July 31).

Summer is also for reading and writing (two of my favorite activities). For the aspiring authors of children’s fiction in my network, here’s one for you: Writing Middle Grade Fiction Today - Learn what it takes to break into the middle-grade market (June 28, online, with literary agent, freelance book editor, and published author, Mary Kole).

AND more to uncover the writer within YOU. Helping women writers get their stories out in the world is what my pal, author Allison Gilbert does, through her new literary consultancy PUB DAY. BTW as an author, Allison is 5 for 5. 5 ideas and 5 books published.

If you’re seeking something longer than a summer romance, read How Your Platonic Relationships Can Prepare You For Love When You're Single (The List)

Need a summer escape - that sleeps 11 comfortably and is quietly situated near the Hamptons? Check out Casa Elena - a newly renovated and never-before-on-the-market private oasis located in East Quogue. Thanks to my pal Chelsea for dropping this dreamy summer escape in my inbox.

It seems the road to loneliness is paved with lies born of good intentions.
  • Ah, sort of like the anxiety which surrounds networking, we worry about other’s reactions to what we say…Be honest: little white lies are more harmful than you think (Psyche)
  • The sneaky truth about work/life balance (Laura Vanderkam’s A Weeks Worth)
  • Do your shopping habits support the environment or supply landfill? The fashion industry shrugs at the "circular economy" (Axios)
  • When men believe they are allies, women often disagree (Women’s Agenda)
  • How to Trigger Happy Hormones in a Digital World (Thrive Health webinar featuring editors of the World Happiness Report) + shout-out to Brenda Irwin of Relentless Venture Fund for this one and this one too: Making Intelligent Noise: AI In The Music Industry (Forbes)
  • Facts don’t change minds: a case for the virtues of propaganda (Psyche)
os developed a system for determining how place names should be spelled. This included checking with reputable members of the community. Landowners and the clergy were considered reliable. Small farmers and crofters were not, even if they had deep roots in an area.
  • How intrepid Victorian surveyors mapped the length and breadth of Britain (The Economist)
  • Be curious not judgmental…my pal Monica Parker quoting Ted Lasso in a short video on how wonder can foster inclusion and belonging.
  • Do you really need an escape…from technology? How about living in a town where modern technology has been banned since the 1950’s. Greetings from Green Bank (Aeon)

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