From My Inbox: Inspiration

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Inspiration

A cartoonist and a master cellist walk into a collaboration. Really. As in really really f’g incredible. ICYMI cartoonist Liza Donnelly collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma (Seeing Things)

Now more random 💩 for thought, imagination or whatever your mind cares to do with it on this Memorial Day Monday in the U.S. -

“I hope to be an inspiration to young girls and women who are thinking about the impact they can have in the work they do.”
  • Patricia Wellenbach, President & CEO of the Please Touch Museum and Board Chair for Jefferson Health Systems interviewed on Women to Watch Media® with Sue Rocco
…research found that women were very aware of the risks and vulnerabilities associated with using social media. And women were developing habits and online communities to counter these negative elements.
  • We have all heard social media can impact women’s body image – but it isn’t all bad (The Conversation)
…a 2019 survey conducted by the Korean government found that large swaths of the population blamed women for these sex crimes: 52% said that they believed sexual violence occurs because women wear revealing clothes, while 37% thought if women experienced sexual assault while drunk, they are partly to blame for their victimization.
  • Why so many South Korean women are refusing to date, marry or have kids (The Conversation)
Having spent decades as a ‘typical, institutionalised, educated Western man’ – or, put simply, an ‘asshole’ – the US neurologist John Kitchin found himself to be financially secure but spiritually diminished.
  • Watch the 16 minute film SLOMO (Psyche)
…the essence of the Swedish theory of love, namely that social relations are voluntary, not ascribed – based not on duty but on free choice.
  • The Swedish Theory of Love (Aeon)
  • Ford Tough (Tom Ford that is, not a new Ford truck line, though I’d like a Tom Ford designed pick-up truck) (Air Mail)
  • Smashing the ultimate workplace conversation taboo ceiling? A Movement to Make Workplaces ‘Menopause Friendly’ (NY Times)
  • Women’s networking group going strong after 43 years in Bangor (WABI)
  • My friend, journalist and author Allison Gilbert (Covering Catastrophe; Parentless Parents: How the Loss of Our Mothers and Fathers Impacts the Way We Raise Our Children; Always Too Soon: Voices of Support for Those Who Have Lost Both Parents; Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive; and Listen, World!: How the Intrepid Elsie Robinson Became America's Most-Read Woman) has launched the For Grief Speakers Bureau devoted to connecting community organizations, book clubs, and businesses with leading grief professionals from around the world.
  • Can a mindset focused on experiencing wonder can lead to continual flourishing? Listen to the Flourish podcast featuring Monica Parker, author of The Power of Wonder, to discover the answer to that question...
  • What is your main criteria for evaluation? On the Retail Redefined, experiential designer and retail expert (and overall accomplished, badass friend) Melissa Gonzalez chats evaluation and brand experience + more with Yehuda Shmidman, Chairman & CEO of WHP Global and Toys “R” Us.
  • Join inclusion guru (and yes, dear pal) Melinda Briana Epler online on June 22nd for her highly requested training topic (based on Melinda's TED talk and book), "How to Be an Ally."

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