From My Inbox: A veritable potpourri

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: A veritable potpourri

Adtech and a codpiece.

Plus naps, grief, liberal arts, presentation skills and leadership.

A veritable potpourri of subjects for you, from me, this week.

And who imagined that I would start a post with the words “adtech” and “codpiece” in the same sentence.

Your past grooms you for your purpose.

  • Own Your Voice, Leave Your Mark (Do Lectures)
  • The amateur presenter (Seth’s Blog)
  • Why a forcefully phallic portrait of Henry VIII is a masterful work of propaganda (Aeon)

What I needed most was hope.

  • What happens when a resilience researcher suffers a tragic loss? Well, the 5 stages of grief checklist 💩 goes out the window, and you’ll have to watch the video to discover... 3 secrets of resilient people (TED)
  • Make Time To Do Your Best Work. (The Do Team)
  • Time to take a nap…Quick Naps Are Good for Your Brain (Scientific American)

I’d refer to Adtech as the Peter Pan of industries…it refuses to grow up.

  • If Ad + Media tech is your thang, take a listen to my pal Terry Kawaja on the Blood, Sweat & CPMs podcast (Freestar)
  • Leadership? Not with a ‘part time promotion cliff’ still holding women back (Women’s Agenda)
  • RIP Goldman Sachs (Business Insider)
  • College students bid adieu to foreign language classes (Axios)

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