From My Inbox: Inverting Introversion

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From My Inbox: Inverting Introversion

OH on Lexington Avenue @ 59th Street:

"'s fine, I like introverts..."

Hmmmm. A few observations:

First. I do love the range of conversations one overhears in NYC. No filters. No hushed voices. No thought to who is f'g listening in.

Second. Why do introverts get such a bum rap? I'm assuming Miss "'s fine, I like introverts..." is an extrovert. What makes them the top of the swell social pile, beyond stereotypes on who does or does not excel at networking? IMHO having the gift of the gab does not necessarily translate into having a strong, responsive network.

Third. I'm just curious. Why Miss "'s fine, I like introverts..." does the mention of engaging with an introvert, cause you to react like it is a social snub? What's your social history with introverts? Inquiring minds are curious to know.

“It is as if the neurons are keeping track of a register of social credit and debit,”

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