From My Inbox: Barbie

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From My Inbox: Barbie

I loved Barbie as a child. And none of my Barbies had a job.


A great wardrobe (primarily sparkly evening attire), a “dream” house (designed for parties), tons of gal pals and a lone dude named Ken (who was allowed to hang around from time to time, if she needed him) were her world.

My Barbie was fabulously mysterious as to the source of her vast wealth.

Tied down by a JOB, hell no! Barbie was a mogul - and unencumbered by the gender pay gap wherein it seems, her main dude Ken (Mode Hair Ken in my case) who (in my childhood memory) had no source of income and no obvious talent other than being Barbie’s squeeze, would, of course, be paid MORE than Barbie over her career lifetime in all but one of her numerous professional pursuits.

The occupation topping the charts where Barbie and females in the UK are paid more than males is a film director, with a 9.15 per cent pay gap in favour of women.

  • New UK data reveals Barbie’s gender pay gap compared to Ken (Women’s Agenda)

Stepping away from the toy aisle (and the disappointing-definitely-not-bright-pink-and-sparkly reality than Barbie’s career choices would, leave her unable to afford the fabulous life my childhood imagination created for her) and back into the “Well, No Sh#t” department: a new survey finds that “80% of Women Leaders Use Networking to Drive Career Success”. Like I said, no sh#t.

Now on to other 💩 from my inbox:

My mother had the gift of making even the smallest detail of her day vivid and amusing.
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And for your calendar….

  • The Business Clinic: When You’re Too Nice And Get Trampled By Your Clients (free webinar on August 22)

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