From My Inbox: Getting The Details, Right

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From My Inbox: Getting The Details, Right

The sign I imagine I'd spotted adjacent to a car wash complex on the drive out to the North Fork of Long Island - Dental Center - seemed a bit, odd, so I looked again.

Yup, I was wrong.

It was NOT a dental center. It was a "Detail Center".

The misreading did give me a terrific laugh (car wash and cavities) and of course (it is me, after all) had me thinking about how networking misreads could be corrected (or avoided altogether), by a quick "let me check again to make sure I have it right" reflection (or glance over your right shoulder).

Though who knows, given how nuts the world is right now, a car wash and tooth cleaning business, might do very well in this chaotic environment.

We all need role models to relate and look up to – be it a superhero, an artist, or a revolutionary. Yet, these universally iconic figures are rarely depicted bypeople with intellectual disabilities.

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