From My Inbox: RSVPs + Curiosity

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: RSVPs + Curiosity

I’ve had a few beauty and brains moments recently. Gushing on Greenwich Street when I met iconic beauty brand founder, Bobbi Brown then a few hours later I found myself casually (over cocktails) discussing brain health with Dr. Violetta Zujovic of the Paris Brain Institute.

Why am I bothering to share this? (you may be asking yourself, and I most certainly did when I started typing it).

Because RSVP’ing when something piques your interest - regardless of how shallow or intimidating or unknown - is a good practice for sparking networking serendipity, plus it is even better when you stick to your commitments, showing up, regardless of how blustery, cold and miserable the weather is. Don’t dampen the spark of networking curiosity, act on it.

Now on to the regularly scheduled interesting 💩 from my inbox:

📲 NYC Fintech Women in partnership with BMO and Napier is celebrating the launch of their Chicago chapter. Join them on March 28 for an evening of networking and celebration.

🏕️ If you’re stuck in discovering “what’s next” for you, check out Camp Reinvention. Camp Reinvention is for 50+ women who are at a crossroads get from..."Where the hell do I start?" straight through to, "I'm finally here and life feels amazing!" Instead of struggling alone, head to camp (quick! campers start gathering on March 28).

📚 Emmy award-winning journalist, and author of five books, Allison Gilbert is passing on all she learned / experienced / navigated in the publication journey. Pub Day is her mission-driven organization to help women and marginalized voices share their stories. No matter where you are on your publishing journey — whether you need help crafting your book, writing a proposal, securing an agent, booking events, or planning a media and marketing campaign, Allison and Pub Day are ready to help.

“We’re communicating all the time, sometimes we even use words.” - Vital Voice

💪 Ready to adopt some next tips + tricks to take your executive presence (and career!) though the roof? Casey and Julie over at Vital Voice Training have opened up applications for POWER PLAY. This six month program combines the powerful connection of a mastermind group, the energy of top acting classes and performance training, and the depth of an MBA in communication and leadership presence to provide a real path to power. The powerfully transformative experience starts April 22.

🤷‍♀️ Dazed & Confused? Then join Zoe Walters on April 5 for a (free) masterclass on building resilience to handle challenges you didn't even know you had.

🎙️ Change the conversation! Apply for Women’s Media Center Progressive Women's Voices media and leadership training program. Participants in the program receive advanced, comprehensive training and tools to position themselves as media spokespeople in their field.

☘️ Irish Business Organization of New York’s March Breakfast Meeting (on Zoom) is March 28. Building Peace in Northern Ireland: Looking Back and Forward in Honor of 25 Years of the Good Friday Agreement

📝 ICYMI aspiring authors…The Manuscript Academy offers (alongside their membership courses/classes) free, live-recorded workshops with agents, editors & authors.

AND More Good Stuff:

  • Put this on your plate! Medical researchers actually focused on women in their clinical trial (how novel not to ignore 1/2 the population). Women who eat a Mediterranean diet have reduced risk of heart disease and death, new study shows. (Women’s Agenda)
  • In the you are what you purchase, consume and discard department…scientists at the University of British Columbia have made a breakthrough which (fingers crossed) will dramatically shorten the lifespan of forever chemicals. (The Guardian)
  • Wonder is one of the threads which can stitch teams together” - Monica Parker. No, wonder is not some woo woo concept you should only save for your next hot yoga class or walk in the wilderness, use it to strengthen your workplace relationships too.
  • Going through rigorous training together forms bonds, connections, trust AND (most importantly?) improves performance (‘cause yeah, we want to maintain those trust connections for biz referrals). The Power of Personal Connections: How Shared Experiences Boost Performance. (HBR)
  • “While saying No to doing work that is no longer fulfilling does wonders for your mental health, if that same work is what sustains you financially, how does one navigate this?” Read Ariane Hunter’s Soft life? For Us, It’s Complicated + subscribe to her Dreaming + Doing Digest.
  • Do you need a quick dose of mindfulness? You’re in luck, every Monday Angel Shannon of Seva Health sends an email aimed at helping you launch your week with clarity, courage and confidence!
  • NASA unveils new spacesuit that will better fit women (FINALLY!) (Women’s Agenda)
  • Your dream job, perhaps? New Mexico is hiring a bear hugger. (The Guardian)
  • Build your venture with an eye to an exit. Watch Owning Your Worth: Growing Your Business With the Exit in Mind (The Fourth Floor + UBS)
  • “What we need are better goals . . . not necessarily more sophisticated or complicated goals, but CLEARER goals. Goals that light you up and give you purpose.” - yes! yes! yes! couldn’t have said this better than Vital Voice Training did (as Build Your Dream Network readers know, I’m a fan of clarity in stating goals).
This shift from ferociousness to friendliness in the lagoons shows ‘behavioural plasticity’– an ability to adapt, assess threats, take up new opportunities, and learn from others, perhaps even other species. - PSYCHE

(Yes, one more suggested read before signing off…Grey whales taught me how to mother, how to endure, how to live)

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