From My Inbox: A Jambalaya

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: A Jambalaya

Another jambalaya for you this week.

Music + emotions, Britney Spears + Bollywood, Failing (spectacularly) + succeeding (well), and keep reading for your amusement, imagination and yes, your career as well.

Grief is love with nowhere to go.

  • An Oceanic lullaby, ‘Gimme Shelter’ and more elucidate how music taps into our emotions (Aeon)
  • How Bollywood Gave Britney Spears Her Greatest Hit (Insider)
  • NZTE is looking for a Business Development Manager to join their Madrid team helping New Zealand companies grow in Spain and Europe. Is the opportunity for you?
  • Awake in the Network” with Joyce Sullivan: Navigating Your Destiny from Boardrooms to Breakthroughs (and thank you! for the Build Your Dream Network shout-out in the podcast Joyce!)

…failure taught her again that positive lessons could be gained even in mistakes

  • YES! It is a possible for a woman to fail up the corporate ladder. She Messed Up Amazon’s Website. Now She’s One of Its Leaders. (WSJ)
  • How Entrepreneurs Can Position Themselves to Re-enter the Job Market (Dreaming + Doing Digest)
  • A French Creole folktale nearly lost to time is given new, gorgeously animated life (Aeon)

Our success has a lot to do with how we dance with conditions that aren’t quite perfect.

  • The Perfect Conditions (Seth’s Blog)
  • The Business Clinic: Why Isn't My Substack Gaining Any Traction? (Jane Friedman)
  • The pill…not simply for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Estrogen Containing Contraceptives: The Multitasker of the Menopause Transition (The Vajenda)
  • Discover holiday gifts from women-owned businesses in the Tory Burch Foundation community AND check-out (or list your company on) the InvestHer Directory - a global directory of businesses ​founded by women.
  • How to stock your bar for the holidays (Longer Tables with Jose Andres)
  • And as I’ve found myself engaging with lots of female founders over the past few weeks…a selection of events pulled from 37 Angels weekly newsletter (as must, for founders): Preparing for VC funding: Investor outreach (Barclay’s Eagle Lab); How to Save a Struggling Fundraise (Adamant Ventures); VC & Entrepreneurship Fireside Chat with Jean (Founder & CEO of Penelope; Former MD at UBS) and Sol (Founder; Recent Principal at Nyca Partners - managing over $1B in AUM) (Supermomos); Entrepreneurs Roundtable 184 - Five startups will have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to receive feedback and guidance (Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator); How to Raise Seed Funding for Your Startup: Convertible Notes and SAFEs (Idea to IPO)

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