From My Inbox: Finding Humor

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Finding Humor

An economist headline caught my eye this week "No British election is complete without a man with a bin on his head"...and no surprise, it immediately earned my click, as (finally!) here was a bit of political content I could (delightfully, with gusto!) consume! Democracy fully, ridiculously and wonderfully, in action, as it seems perennial candidate Count Binface is back, this time challenging the man currently residing at No 10. It's Count Binface's second campaign for political office in 2024 (he captured 24,260 votes when he ran for Lord Mayor of London, so yes, I shall watch with amusement to see how he does in the general election vote tally).

And no joke, there are a few items on Count Binface's campaign platform I could really get behind:

✔ all water bosses to take a dip in British rivers, to see how they like it

✔ shops that play Christmas music before December to be closed down and turned into public libraries

✔ government pay will be tied to that of nurses for the next 100 years

With that, together with a laugh and a smile, I offer up 😅🤯📲💩 from my box that for some reason or another, I found amusing (sometimes, rather awkwardly, and painfully so) along with a reminder that laughter is very good for your health (so do get more of it):

💡Ha! Ha! Humour can make you a better workplace leader, if you use it properly – here’s how (Women's Agenda)

💡Mubble Fubbles: Six forgotten words you'll need this summer (BBC)

💡The not so funny reality of ad tracking....Invasive ad tracking: how Instagram spoiled the surprise of my boyfriend's proposal (The Realists)

"...Peruvian specificity, featuring suggestions for everything from ‘words offered by a member of an institution on the occasion of the inauguration of a radio receiver’ to ‘a sample text for the eulogy of a drowned fisherman’."

💡The little Peruvian guide to public speaking that conjures up a grandiose world (Aeon)

💡Jacques Monneraud’s Remarkable Ceramic Vessels Meticulously Mimic Corrugated Cardboard (Colossal)

💡 Join Penguin Random House LIVE on Tuesday, July 23 at 7:30 p.m. ET for a special virtual conversation with China Miéville and Keanu Reeves, authors of The Book of Elsewhere.

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