From My Inbox: Boas + Glittery Things

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Boas + Glittery Things

Hmmmm. Writing this as I'm watching (late) morning show news in Dublin. I use the word "news" broadly. The topic of Taylor Swift's upcoming UK tour came up, and how much this tour would inject into the UK economy...seems Ms Swift's effect is currently estimated at a billion pounds.

The presenter (cue in stale, pale and male) seems confused at how "boas and glittery things" could translate into a billion pounds.

Is he confused because he doesn't understand economics or he fails to comprehend how female talent can play a key role in economics?


Moral of the story: keep driving through the BS and make such a big f'g impact that the rest of us can full belly laugh when someone doesn't "get" you.

And with that, a definite theme in what's coming from my inbox this week:

💡Why are witchcraft accusations so common across human societies? (Aeon)

'George Lucas didn't want a damsel in distress. He wanted a fighter'.

💡Carrie Fisher on Star Wars: 'It was the most expensive low-budget film ever made' (BBC)

💡Why women in the U.S. are less satisfied with their jobs than men (Axios)

💩 Female Execs Horrified By Former GE CEO's Comments (AOL) + Women, Welch Clash at Forum (WSJ)

🚀 120+ Women Spearheading Advances in Visual Tech and AI (LDV Capital)

💡Summer school for female founders, courtesy of The Tory Burch Foundation

💡Other people’s problems (Seth's Blog)

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