From My Inbox: IRL vs Zoom

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From My Inbox: IRL vs Zoom
It seems that, if the two locations are in the same time zone and are culturally similar, then Zoom is good enough. It’s fine to meet colleagues on Zoom and have productive conversations with them. But, if you’re working with a colleague who lives in a faraway time zone or is culturally different from you, you have to get on a flight and meet that person in person”

Jumping on a flight, especially a long-haul flight is my happy place.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m in awe of the experience of flying, the innovation and logistics which make it all possible, the perspective of this sweet planet from the skies. To borrow from author Monica Parker, flying is a wonderbringer for me.

Plus, I intentionally don’t log onto the flight Wifi, so I’m transported from tasks and to-do’s and all that long flight time is transformed into an abundance of found time.

But there is a bottomline business reason to jump on that long flight - yes, it seems that long-haul flight is a necessity for collaboration, innovation and building stronger connections with your colleagues. Read Why Business Travel Still Matters in a Zoom World. (HBR)

📚 I’ve just read Eve Rodsky’s Find Your Unicorn Space - and I’d say that Kim Hale has nailed it - This 55-Year-Old Dancer Wants Everyone to Know Passion is Ageless—and She’s Spreading That Message One TikTok at a Time (Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper)

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🧡 Applications for the Tory Burch Foundation’s Women of Color Grant Program open on April 4. The foundation selects 75 women of color-owned businesses to receive $10,000 and $20,000 grants and access to education and community in partnership with the Fearless Fund.

💻 The Next First Tuesdays Meetup, Presented by La French Tech NY & The Neo Club is tomorrow, April 4.

🎤 Deadline to submit a speaker submission for PayTech Women’s 2023 Leadership Summit is April 20. PayTech is looking for relevant topics in leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, personal growth and industry education.

“Big Tech will continue to keep a powerful hold on our lives if we think that “the toothpaste is already out of the tube”, that the changes are inevitable”

👓 Informed choice of what to bring in vs indifferent acceptance of technology as it can come into our lives. Read The real enemy of a Realist isn’t Big Tech (The Realists)

🔌 Need a mid-week recharge? Join Mindfully Rooted on Wednesday evenings for an hour reconnecting with your body, letting go of limiting thinking, cultivating positive emotions, de-stressing, and building core energy—all within a nurturing, supportive community.

😃 How do you make time to start a business, develop your ideas or launch a creative side project? Join AwakenHub for a conversation with award winning author Bec Evans (who is obsessed with creative persistence) to find out. (How to Have A Happy Hustle on April 18)

✅ Check out the board roles ExecThread has sourced in the past 30-days.

⚖️ Tech startups are disruptive and often plagued with egos and scandals. But the media headlines don’t dip below the surface - those inside witness all the issues (legal, moral) and are sworn to secrecy…until now…at least for those in Syracuse NY…save the date, you have a chance to see the new play (based on true stories from startup lawyers) DIRTY LEGAL SECRETS (April 28, 29 + 30).

🗓️ Get this on your calendar! Thursday, April 27 from 3:00 - 4:30pm E.T. Collective[i] welcomes Lisa Loeb, GRAMMY™ Award-winning American singer-songwriter, SiriusXM radio host, actor, & entrepreneur to their Collective[i] Forecast conversation.

🌍 May 17-20 Slow Factory has joined forces with contemporary dance company, New York Live Arts, (founded by the legendary Bill T. Jones), to host the 9th annual Live Ideas Festival, Planet Justice: Are you Here for It?. The festival will explore (through art and action with performances, interactive installation, workshops + more) the idea that climate justice is rooted in social justice, anti-colonialism, global collaboration, human rights, and the rights of nature to thrive. (Slow Factory)

🌿 Attract 33% MORE Business by Initiating ESG into Your Sustainability Strategy. Watch Elle Hill founder of Hill & Co.’s keynote from ICA Congress 2023.

💻 A 3-step framework to building landing pages like the world’s leading startups…ah, yes please! High ROI Messaging for Your Business And Website (The Fourth Floor)

⭐️ The Secret to Business Relationships? Knowing What You Want Out of Life. Check out what CEO, investor, advisor and all around fab butt-kicking entrepreneur Lauren Maillian has to say.

🎙️ My interview with Paula Edgar on the Branding Room Only podcast - yes, this landed in my inbox this week. Your brand is what your network says it is…so take a listen.

💰 ICYMI (the 37 Angels weekly NYC start-up events newsletter in your inbox), their next angel-investor pitch forum is April 21. Get that on your calendar, investors!

Around 26 Million American adults are living without an ID. That means that not only are millions of people going without the tool that they need to obtain housing, social services, healthcare and more, but also won’t be able to vote in local elections, primaries and, of course, the presidential election. - Spread The Vote

Boozy Ketchup! Not really, but Heinz + Absolut Vodka have teamed up to create limited edition pasta sauce (sadly, for this New Yorker, it is only available at Waitrose in the UK).

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