From My Inbox: Only Networks

Random interesting & useful πŸ’© pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Only Networks

I'm off to Lusty Beg this week. WTW is Lusty Beg? A 75-acre secluded island situated on Lower Lough Erne in Fermanagh, a quick 5-minute trip on the Corlougharoo ferry, and the site of AwakenHub's SheVentures summit - the first all-Ireland gathering of women founders.

So with community and connection and networks in mind, this week the πŸ’© from my inbox is really good πŸ’© from people who I don't simply admire or follow, they're people I consider friends (in the old school, circles of social connections, have dined or called or hung out or commiserated with them). I love to see what they've accomplished and what makes them tick - plus writing this newsletter is a little test of the range and novelty of my network.

"What we're headed toward is what you see in a lot of other countries, what we call paper parks," Jarvis said. "They're parks on paper only, because they're unstaffed, unmanned, unprotected. Visitors come and go, and things happen, and parks degrade over time."

πŸ•οΈ A Housing Crisis Is Impacting the National Park Service (Sierra)

πŸ“š Brian Cuban (before you ask, yes, he's related to that other Cuban aka the Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur, he's Mark's younger brother) is a Dallas-based attorney, and person in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. He's the author of multiple books, and his latest crime thriller - The Body Brokers - is now available for pre-order.

☎️ Be a human being not a job title (The Ian Sanders Co.)

πŸ’° Buy A Stock Remix of Baby Shark | Introduction to Financial Instruments for Kids (FinLitKids)

πŸ“² Establish some healthy boundaries with the internet with the help of my pal Elena Rossini (fans of Build Your Dream Network may recall Elena's successfully networking online story). Read: How to Stay Grounded Online - a conversation with Justin Hanagan (The Realists).

πŸ˜…Bonsai! Comedy! Clay! at The Shirley Project in Brooklyn.

πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Tips for inner peace + Reiki training (+ more) with the extraordinary Saba, founder of Self-Empowered Minds.

☎️ Why you shouldn't "bring your whole self to work" (Monica Parker's Wonderbringers).

πŸ’‘ Don't overlook this part of navigating organizational change - lots of great insights in the Commcoterie newsletter plus plan to join founder Caitlin Harper on May 16 for Office Hours on Thursday, May 16th when she'll be discussing organizational change readiness.

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Meet some of the angel investors on the cap tables of the UK’s best female founded startups (Angel Academe)

πŸš€ Long-standing. Purpose-driven. Women-owned. Premier executive search firm the Ellig Group has created a Board Academy Bootcamp (designed specifically for senior-level executives).

βœ… Looking for career-related advice, professional development, and/or exclusive job opportunities at top law firms across North America? (Calibrate Connection)

πŸ’‘ How to LinkedIn: Joy and Effectiveness, a fireside chat taking place May 15 (online) hosted by Eva Jannotta with a badass group of inspirational women, including my dear pal Casey Erin Clark, public speaking and communication expert and co-founder of Vital Voice Training.

πŸ“² ALSO on May 15 join Women's Media Group for TEDx Talks: How to Pitch One & Nail the Booking (panel discussion on taking place on Zoom).

πŸ“š The prolific suspense author (and all around kickass woman), Kate White's latest psychological thriller The Last Time She Saw Him is out (on May 14). Catch Kate at one of her upcoming book events:

πŸš€ More reasons to head to Ireland...the InvestHer Summit taking place in Dublin. This global action summit founded by the incomparable Anne Ravanona, is for Investors, Women Founders, Corporates and Public Policymakers, and action is not just a tagline, it's the tangible momentum this summit generates. Two of the winners of last year's InvestHer Summit pitch competition went on to raise significant funding: a $1 million pre-seed round and $3.5million pre-series A round. Another founder, was invited to be part of President Macron’s recent Trade Delegation to Brazil. The connections and visibility of the InvestHer Summit is not just talk.

πŸ’‘ May 22 join my friends at Colletive[i] for their Forecast Conversation with Resa Lewiss, Professor of emergency medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, TEDMED speaker, and TimesUp Healthcare founder.

πŸ’‘What's for dinner? Check out this edition of Nucleus Strategy's Supper Club newsletter. It has it all: a music list, a few intriguing articles plus a recipe for roasted chicken in a fish-sauce butter.

πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Discover what's going on in your network by booking a networking power-hour with me.

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