From My Inbox: Share your smarts

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Share your smarts

You never know where your content will go…a blog post back in 2015 resulted in numerous speaking engagements with the PGA (and enviable trips to PGA championships) and now, my visibility on LinkedIn, has led to guest hosting a special episode of the FDI World Dental Federation’s podcast. Sharing this as a reminder, to keep thoughtfully sharing your smarts, your POV, whatever it is you want to be found for with your network, as you just never know…

Now, good 💩 from my inbox:

  • I’m a tea drinker, not a teetotaler. Never ask me to make you a cup of coffee (as I can assure you, I cannot). This morning beverage of choice confession inspired by my pal Angel Shannon’s post Want to upgrade your morning java? Here's the buzz about functional coffee
  • Hmmm. IF 3 conditions are required boost our giving happiness….is an unconditional-no-strings-attached gratitude glow ever possible? Why Giving To Others Makes Us Happier (HBR)
  • Cha. Cha. Cha. I took dance lessons as a child (ballet, as I was rather pigeon-toed), then in 2007-2008 I enrolled in private ballroom dance lessons as a work-life-stress-reduction tactic (it helped). Where do ballroom dancers get their amazing gowns? This lady’s basement. (Washington Post)
  • Hearing Aids Stave Off Cognitive Decline (Scientific American) and in the this makes no f’g sense column, hearing exams and aids are not covered by medical insurance…not covered…did you hear that?
  • Worth taking a listen to…perhaps more than once with the volume up, as this is a pretty rich conversation: How to Transform Unwanted Change Into Possibility (Sparked podcast)
  • Yeah, there’s lots of VC $$$ out there…but where is it going? Seems 8 deals scooped up over $100 million each…(The Crunchbase Megadeals Board)

Yes, keep reading (and follow those links!) as there is lots of good 💩 this week:

Why is it we love to look at art, or listen to music or laugh at a cartoon? I think it’s the celebration of the human spirit that is at the core.

  • Finding Your Voice (Liza Donnelly on Medium)
  • 10X Your Confidence as a CEO with Imperia’s new 6-week workshop.
  • Business Development School: For Outside Counsel Ready to Control Their Career (Focus Forward)
  • My pal Joyce Sullivan is sharing her 'secret sauce' on how to go from job loss > new job > new business > new career.
  • Laconia Capital is spilling the startup tea in their new No Filter event series. September 14 join them (online) for No Filter: VC Markets
  • Learn from the Unstoppable Lauren Ruotolo, activist and author of Unstoppable in Stilettos (online event w/ The and We Are Able, a WeWork employee community group)
  • Emerald + Stone: A dreamy tribute to the music of Brian Eno, rendered in paint, soap and water (Aeon - Video)
  • Boldly Branded: Marketing Insights for Black Women Introverts (part of Ariane Hunter 5-part series on starting your biz - Dreaming + Doing Digest)
  • You 2.0: How to Break Out of a Rut (Hidden Brain podcast)
  • The problem of harassment in Science: When aggression is viewed as brilliance, it hurts women in science, and science itself (Aeon - Video)

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