From My Inbox: Get Curious

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Get Curious

Seems we may get less curious as we age...and I'm curious, as what is the point of all those anti-aging creams and supplements, if your brain is just going atrophy into entrenched beliefs, out-dated opinions and stale points-of-view? Who wants to reach a point in life that they believe there is NOTHING and NO-ONE to be curious about???

My challenge for you this week is to get curious.

I've got a few links below which may spark some curiosity and/or check out Monica Parker's 3 suggestions.

I became initiated into the way that the art world wields strategic snobbery to keep people out. And I think it's deliberate

💡How the art world excludes you and what you can do about it (NPR)

💡If you’re creative, why can’t you create a solution?’ One artist’s imaginative activism (Aeon)

💡Wondering about how wonder, curiosity, and awe shape careers and professional journeys? Take a listen to this episode of the Smart Rookie Podcast.

💡Get curious, stay healthy. Why Saying ‘Hello, Stranger’ Could Be Key to Better Health (WebMD)

💡Them or Us? What kind of culture will we build? At work, in our community, online? (Seth's Blog)

🍩 Curious about whether your startup idea has wings? Bytes & Bites: NYC #TechWeek Wake-Up on June 6 with my friends at Laconia.

💡I'm curious if the 💩 I write on platforms I no longer use will live on forever....exhibit A in that hall of curiosities, this old post someone resurrected: How Do You Mentor? Insights from Simon Court, Head of Networks & Influence at New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (Medium)

👯‍♀️I'm curious about how YOU connect and who YOU turn to for support, insights and guidance.  If you haven't done so already, satisfy my curiosity by participating in my Who Do You Turn To? survey (it's short, sweet and multiple choice).

👯‍♀️ Camp starts April 30 - Camp Reinvention that is. Curious about what's next for you (or struggling to figure out how to get there)? My friends Dana and Wendy at Camp Reinvention™ believe that getting to what's next should be easier AND a hell of a lot more fun (hell yes, to that!). Uncover what's next for you.

👯‍♀️Female founders, network your startup in Dublin this June at the InvestHer Summit. Your summit ticket unlocks...information, opportunity, insight, connections and a few bonuses too. AND...there is their global pitch competition. Deadline is May 10 to get your startup into consideration. Apply!

🚀 Curious about how to expand your business networking opportunities, book a networking power hour with me.

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