From My Inbox: Another Potpourri

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Another  Potpourri

You're ambitious and high-achieving, aspiring towards your definition of success. So, when it comes to your career and general wellbeing (hey, work and life needs to operate as a cohesive, collaborative, unified whole) who do you turn to for support, insights and guidance?  Inquiring minds (ok, my inquiring mind) want to know.

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Now, From My Inbox, it's a potpourri of stuff ranging from silence to napping to chilling out to giving up to oversharing to public toilets, a global pitch competition and the PGA. I didn't lie when I said these newsletters would be filled with random 💩 (oh, the places a curious mind will go when it refuses to doomscroll or tweet).

💡 The Sunday Read (in podcast format): ‘Could I Survive the “Quietest Place on Earth”?’ (The Daily)

💡 How Medieval Women Expressed Their ‘Forbidden’ Emotions (Smithsonian)

💡 Why Short Naps Are Good for You (Science, Quickly)

💡 Chilling out rather than blowing off steam is a better way to manage anger − new review of 154 studies reveals what works (The Conversation)

💡 What we talk about when we talk about giving up (The Guardian)

💡 Share with Care (The Realists)

💡💩 Sixteen Architects Transform Aging Public Toilets in Tokyo into Extraordinarily Inviting Facilities (Colossal)

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💡 Thinking about heading to Dublin this June to attend the InvestHer Summit? Female Founders - your summit ticket unlocks...information, opportunity, insight, connections and a few bonuses too. AND...there is their global pitch competition. Deadline is May 10 to get your startup into consideration.

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