From My Inbox: Planning A Plan B

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From My Inbox: Planning A Plan B

Back in the day - in this case, a day in 2015 and an early start on that day, when I met a mentor for breakfast. Asked what I was up to, I replied "I'm focused on writing a book, that is all, I have not Plan B". My mentor surprised me with this sage reaction: "Good. You shouldn't have a Plan B. If you have a Plan B, you're not focused on Plan A."

So this week, think about what you're focused on. Are you laser focused on your primary goal...or you dithering around it, distracted by "alternative" "just in case" goals?

mukbang β€œhas been shown to help individuals overcome loneliness by creating a sense of community".

πŸ’‘I Guess Mukbang Is My Plan B (Taste)

πŸ’‘The hidden village just metres from North Korea (BBC)

πŸ’‘These French Cheeses Are at Risk of Extinction (Smithsonian)

πŸ’‘β€˜Aioli is everywhere right now’: Why condiments are having a moment (Modern Retail)

No country provides equal opportunity for womenβ€”not even the wealthiest economies.

πŸ’‘New Data Show Massive, Wider-than-Expected Global Gender Gap (The World Bank)

πŸ’‘Not all employers are tolerating Gen Z's laid-back language (BBC)

πŸ’‘ The Sunday Read (in podcast format): β€˜Sure, It Won an Oscar. But Is It Criterion?’ (The Daily)

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