From My Inbox: 🖨️ ☎️ 💾

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: 🖨️ ☎️ 💾

A few items which passed through my inbox and have caused me to LOL -

  • option to send in a form by fax
  • request for my Twitter handle

Now to the 💩 from my inbox:

  • Listen to "To Be a Person" by Jane Hirshfield (read by Maria Popova) + take in the life lessons in 17 Life-Learnings from 17 Years of The Marginalian (Maria Popova)
  • It could have easily gone the other way (Seth’s Blog)
  • The Sunday Read: ‘The Genius Behind Hollywood’s Most Indelible Sets’ (The Daily)
  • When to start planning for change (Commcoterie)
  • Strangers always comment on my 5-year-old girl’s looks – I hate it (Metro UK)
  • In the women aren’t the problem column….The perils of putting off fatherhood: why it poses risks to children’s physical and mental health (The Guardian)
  • Business Clinic: Why Isn't My Substack Gaining Any Traction? (November 17 + Free Webinar + Register Here)
  • ICYMI lots of informative happenings listed in the 37 Angels newsletter.
  • The Workshop at Macy’s is the retail industry’s longest running vendor accelerator program dedicated exclusively to diverse -, Women -, LGBTQ-, persons with disabilities- & veteran-owned enterprises. Apply to be part of their next cohort by November 30.
  • Recovery Art Lab is a space to meet up with your creativity. It's a space to experiment, to play, to see what happens when time and space are dedicated to allow the creative muse to show up. And it takes place on Zoom, so you can meet up with your creativity in your PJs.
  • Frank & Eileen Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership @ Babson College is seeking a Associate Director, Innovative Learner Campus Programs. Apply!

If you can’t get enough of my networking know-how and didn’t listen the last time I posted this link….,take a listen to Episode 87 of Marketing, Mindfulness & Martinis, wherein I dish on the importance of networking and how vital it is to designing your career with digital-first marketing strategist, pitch perfector, writer and professor, Joanne Tombrakos.

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