From My Inbox: Out of Office

Random interesting & useful 💩 pulled from the myriad of emails which land in my inbox.

From My Inbox: Out of Office

This is the out-of-office edition.

I’ve been away.


More on my adventures, later (maybe).

And for now, a few resources on how to network while you’re MIA (missing in action):

  • The Greatest Productivity Tool You Never Thought Of: Email Autoresponder (Fast Company)
  • What’s In Your Networking Toolkit? (BYDN podcast)
  • How To Write an Out-Of-Office Message (With 15 Examples) (Indeed)
  • 24 Easy Ways To Add Some Networking Into Your Day (No Additional Zoom Meetings Required!) (BYDN blog)
  • Email Signature Lines And Other Career Networking Necessities (BYDN blog)

Closing with a bit of inspiration (yes, pulled from my inbox) to craft your next out-of-office email:


Thanks for your note. I have shifted to a chat based format and no longer actively manage this email. I can be reached on numerous chat platforms (non google, non facebook) and if you are in my network, then you know where to find me.

Portfolio companies, LPs, and active service providers will continue to be supported via email. VC friends and any crypto network folks, I will keep an eye out for your emails.

Any new funding opportunities are not being reviewed at this time.

Stay safe and healthy. Sending light and joy across the virtual world.

All the best,


I operate flexible working I am sending this message now because it suits my working pattern or my current time zone, but I don’t expect you to read, respond to or action it outside of your regular working hours.

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